New Students: Welcome to UCLA!

I prefer to take on new graduate students from CS217 A & B: 2 quarters of interaction allows me to know the students better and vise versa. My suggestion to new students is to dive into research projects as soon as you get to UCLA. Mohit showed me the pointer to some excellent advice on independent studies by Prof. Brian Kernighan of Princeton University.

Since 2010 IRL research efforts have been focusing on Named Data Networking (NDN) project. NDN is a newly proposed Internet architecture. Our goal is to make NDN a success. We will keep working on that goal until we get there.

IRL student offices are in 4805 & 4809 BH. Feel free to drop by if you are interested in learning more about what we are currently working on. To schedule a chat with me, I suggest that you learn something about NDN first, then send me an e-mail message.