Omid Abari
Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Office: ENG VI - Room 497B

I am currently looking for Master's students, PhD students and Postdoctoral Scholars to join our team. If you are interested, please send me an email.

Short Bio:

I am an Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where I lead Intelligent Connectivity (ICON) research group. I received my PhD in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2018. My research supervisors were Professor Dina Katabi and Professor Anantha Chandrakasan. I received my Master's degree from MIT and my Bachelor's degree from Carleton University, Canada.

Research Interests:

My research interests are in all aspects of Internet of Things (IoT) networks and systems, from the physical layer to the application layer. My research group develops software-hardware systems that deliver ubiquitous sensing, efficient computing, and wireless communication at scale. We borrow techniques from diverse areas including computer networks, machine learning, signal processing, hardware design, RF circuits, and HCI. Our current research projects mainly focus on "mmWave networks for IoT" and "ubiquitous sensing with RFID".

Selected Publications:

ACM SIGCOMM 2021: mmTag: a Millimeter Wave Backscatter Network [PAPER]
ACM MobiCom 2021: Can WiFi Backscatter Replace RFID? [PAPER]
ACM UIST 2021: PocketView: Through-Fabric Information Displays [PAPER]
ACM HotNets 2021: Can WiFi Backscatter Achieve the Range of RFID? Nulling to the Rescue [PAPER]
ACM HotMobile 2021: mmWall: A Reconfigurable Metamaterial Surface for mmWave Networks [PAPER]
ACM SIGCOMM 2020: WiTAG: Seamless WiFi Backscatter Communication [PAPER]
ACM MobiSys 2020: GreenTag: Soil Moisture Sensing with Commodity RFID Systems [PAPER]
ACM SenSys 2020: Sensing Finger Input Using An RFID Transmission Line [PAPER]
ACM HotNets 2020: Millimeter Wave Backscatter: Toward Batteryless Wireless Networking at Gigabit Speeds [PAPER]
ACM HotNets 2020: WiFi Says “Hi!” Back to Strangers! [PAPER]
ACM SIGCOMM 2019: mmX: A Millimeter Wave Network for Billions of Things [PAPER]
ACM MobiSys 2019: Are RFID Sensing Systems Ready for the Real World? [PAPER]
ACM UIST 2019: Tip-Tap: Battery-free Discrete 2D Fingertip Input [PAPER]
ACM HotNets 2019: Wi-LE: Can WiFi Replace Bluetooth? [PAPER]
ACM MobiCom 2018: RFID Hacking for Fun and Profit [PAPER]
ACM HotNets 2018: Rethinking Backscatter Communication for WiFi Networks [PAPER]
ACM SIGCOMM 2018: ReMix: In-body Backscatter Communication and Localization [PAPER]
ACM SIGCOMM 2018: Agile-Link: Fast Millimeter Wave Beam Alignment [PAPER]
MIT PhD Thesis: Software-hardware Systems for the Internet-of-Things [THESIS]
USENIX NSDI 2017: MoVR: Enabling High-Quality Untethered Virtual Reality [PAPER]
ACM HotNets 2016: Millimeter Wave Communications: from Point-to-Point Links to Agile Network Connections [PAPER]
ACM HotNets 2016: Cutting the Cord in Virtual Reality [PAPER]
ACM SIGCOMM 2015: Caraoke: An E-Toll Transponder Network for Smart Cities [PAPER]
IEEE INFOCOM 2015: AirShare: Distributed Coherent Transmission Made Seamless [PAPER]
IEEE INFOCOM 2014: BigBand: GHz-Wide Sensing and Decoding Using the Sparse Fourier Transform [PAPER]
IEEE ISSCC 2014: A 0.75 Million-Point Fourier Transform Chip for Frequency-Sparse Signals [PAPER]
IEEE FPL 2014: High-Throughput Implementation of a Million-Point Sparse Fourier Transform [PAPER]
MIT MS Thesis: Building Compressed Sensing Systems : Sensors and Analog-to-Information Converters [THESIS]
IEEE TCAS 2013: Why Analog-to-Information Converters Suffer in High-Bandwidth Sparse Signal Applications [PAPER]
IEEE TCAS 2013: Energy Aware Design of Compressed Sensing Systems for Wireless Sensors [PAPER]
IEEE ICASSP 2012: Performance Trade-offs and Design Limitations of Analog-To-Information Converter Front-Ends [PAPER]

Awards and Grants:

Research Grants:
2020: Ontario Research Fund (ORF), Research Infrastructure
2019: Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), John R. Evans Leaders Fund
2019: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Discovery Grant
2019: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Launch Supplement
2019: National Research Council (NRC), Collaboration Fund

Selected Awards:
2017: ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) Grand Finals Winner
2016: ACM MobiCom Student Research Competition Winner, Gold Medal
2016: Boston Is The Smartest City (BITS) Competition Winner
2015: ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) Grand Finals Winner
2014: ACM MobiCom Student Research Competition Winner, Gold Medal
2013: NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship
2011: Merrill Lynch Fellowship

In The News:

2019: Our Batteryless Network research was covered by Digital Journal, ACM Tech News, Science Daily, UWaterloo News
2018: Our In-body Communication work was covered by Engadget, Economic Times, MIT News, CNet
2017: Our Smart City work was covered by IEEE Spectrum
2016: Our Virtual Reality work was covered by Wired, IEEE Spectrum, Popular Mechanics, The Inquirer, Nature World News, Engadget, New Scientist, MIT News, Techcrunch
2013: Our Compressive Sensing work was covered by MIT News ,