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Faster Computation On Directed Networks of Automata

Rafail Ostrovsky, Wilkarson


We show how an arbitrary strongly-connected directed network of synchronous finite-state automata (with bounded in- and out-degree) can accomplish a number of basic distributed network tasks in O(ND) time, where D is the diameter of the network and N is the number of processors. The tasks include (among others) the Firing Synchronization Problem; Network Search and Traversal; building outgoing and incoming Spanning Trees; Wake-up and Report When Done; and simulating a step of an undirected network protocol for the underlying graph of the directed network. Our approach compares favorably to the best previously known O(N2) algorithms of Even, Litman and Winkler [ELW-90] for all these problems.

comment: Preliminary version appeared in the Proceedings of Fourteenth Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC-95) Journal version accepted to Journal of Algorithms, to appear.

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