UCLA Computer Science 33, Spring 2015.
Introduction to Computer Organization

Course objective: Understand how computer systems work, so that you can write better software.

Instructor: Paul Eggert, Boelter 4532J. Office hours are Mondays 10:00–11:00 and Thursdays 11:00–12:00.

Teaching Assistants:

Lecture, 4 hours; discussion, 2 hours; outside study, 9 hours.

Prerequisite: Computer Science 32.

Introductory course on computer architecture, assembly language, and operating systems fundamentals. Number systems, machine language, and assembly language. Procedure calls, stacks, interrupts, and traps. Assemblers, linkers, and loaders. Operating systems concepts: processes and process management, input/output (I/O) programming, memory management, file systems. Letter grading.

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