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I'm available to cooperate with projects that can use my knowledge. Some things I've worked on are accessible through the Published Literature, others are on the web: links at Works.

Two course series, 590's at the graduate student level and 199's for undergraduates, give ways to initiate a faculty/student collaboration. Research awards from government agencies and foundations - grants and contracts - support salaries, equipment and travel funds. Student work can contribute to proposals or develop skill and collaboration experience.

Courses that give students the opportunity to explore their ideas include individual directed studies (590 or 199); the 276ABC sequence; and CS 190.

Web sites that help in finding fund sources include ScienceWise and Commerce Business Daily .

Web sites that help by relating key facts about computing, mathematical models, or engineering include Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures and Jargon Lexicon.

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Quotation organization takes varied form. See: Grouped Sayings, Math Quote Name Index, and Sequential Authors.
How could book-organizing traditions (encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus) be modified in this case to reflect what computer and internet availability support? What database issues are involved?
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