Summer 1997 Version, Student Work Projects of Allen Klinger

Allen Klinger is involved in many different projects (usually simultaneously). This page gives you an idea of the papers and projects that he is currently involved in or has finished. Any feedback is welcome, and can be e-mailed to him.

His most recent work is in the area of Words, Images, and Concepts. Some other papers and proposals that Allen is working on are listed below. Beside the name of the topic is the date of the latest version of the paper.

Visual 1-97

Radar 12-96

Assess 6-97

Math 5-96

Planar 4-96

Find out 7-97

In addition to the above papers, Allen is also working on a book in the field of computer science. This book covers practical activities that college-level students can engage in to improve their knowledge and skills in the area of computers. Below are links to the various chapters in progress as well as the preface and table of contents.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 : Writing to an Audience

Chapter 2 : Success and Opportunity

Chapter 3 : Choices and Revisions

Chapter 14+ : Randomness

Allen Klinger is also interested in shapes and objects, and is even involved creating his own drawings and paintings. The Solids page below has pictures and drawings of various mutlti-faceted objects. The Drawings page features artwork by various artists, some of which are used in this website. Finally, the Paintings page features computer generated pictures by Allen Klinger.

twelve-sided solid


a simple computer sketch


a fairly simple
use of a computer paint tool