Illinois-Coref: The UI System in the CoNLL-2012 Shared Task

Kai-Wei Chang, Rajhans Samdani, Alla Rozovskaya, Mark Sammons, and Dan Roth, in CoNLL Shared Task, 2012.

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The CoNLL-2012 shared task is an extension of the last year��s coreference task. We participated in the closed track of the shared tasks in both years. In this paper, we present the improvements of Illinois-Coref system from last year. We focus on improving mention detection and pronoun coreference resolution, and present a new learning protocol. These new strategies boost the performance of the system by 5% MUC F1, 0.8% BCUB F1, and 1.7% CEAF F1 on the OntoNotes-5.0 development set.

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