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My research is supported by competitive, peer-reviewed funding sources, including an NSF CAREER award.  Other industry gift funds were awarded as a result of winning research awards.


Toward Interactive Debugging of Big Data Analytics
Okawa Foundation Research Grant Award
Awarded in July 2015

Interacting to Specify Software
National Science Foundation, Award in June 2015
Cooperative Repair for Cyber Physical System Resiliency
Air Force Research Laboratory Grant
Awarded in March 2015

Google Faculty Research Award: Interactive Change Summarization and Anomaly Detection for Peer Code Reviews
Awarded in February 2014

NSF CPS: Synergy: Physically-Informed Assertions for CPS Development and Debugging
National Science Foundation
Awarded in August 2013

NSF CAREER: Analysis and Automation of Systematic Software Modifications
National Science Foundation
Awarded in December 2011

NSF CLB Supplement is awarded in April 2013
SHF:Small: Analytical Support for Investigating Software Modifications in Collaborative Development Environment
National Science Foundation
Awarded in June 2011

NSF REU Supplement is awarded in April 2012
UT Academic Development Fund: Course Development Support for Software Engineering Design and Laboratory
Cockrell School of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin 
Awarded in May 2011
MS Refactoring Reconstruction in Visual Studio
Microsoft Software Engineering Innovation Foundation Award
Awarded in April 2011
UT Summer Research Fellowship
Dean of Graduate Studies, The University of Texas at Austin
Awarded in January 2011
SHF:EAGER:  Information Needs about Software Modification during Collaborative Development Tasks
National Science Foundation
Awarded in August 2010
Assisting Code Review Tasks by Identifying and Summarizing Systematic Changes
IBM Jazz Innovation Award
Awarded in January 2009