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CS143: Introduction to Databases.
The relational data model and query languages: relational algebra, and calculus, SQL, QBE. File organization and storage structures. Query processing and optimization. Integrity constraints and database design--ER model. Transactions, concurrency, and recovery. Distributed DBs and advanced topics.

CS240A: Databases and Knowledge Bases. Advanced applications and Object-Relational databases. Deductive rules, knowledge representation, and recursion. Active databases, trigger rules and integrity constraints. Temporal databases. Decision support, OLAPs and Datamining Functions. Extensions and extensibility in OR systems. User-defined functions, tables, aggregates and indexes. Data Blades and XML-oriented DB extensions. (Prereq: CS143 or equivalent)

CS240B: Advanced Databases & Knowledge Bases. This covers research topics in databases and information systems (CS240A is required). Main topics include: logic-based query languages and nonmonotonic reasoning, data mining techniques and environments, Data Stream Management Systems. Other advanced topics might be covered in presentations by students.

CS239: Temporal Databases, Temporal Logic and Dynamic Models

CS298: Research Seminar: Computer Science


CS143 Fall 2004


CS240A: Winter 2004


CS240B: Spring 2004


CS239: Temporal DBs


CS298: Wintr/Spring