Medical Image Analysis Showcase

MIA journal article on "deformable organisms". The marriage of deformable models and artificial life for automatic segmentation. Cited by the Medical Informatics Association among The Best of Medical Informatics, 2003.
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A more recent book chapter on deformable organisms

MIA survey on deformable models in medical image analysis. Has become a standard reference and one of the top two most highly cited papers ever published in this top journal.
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Another relevant survey article on nonrigid image registration

MIA journal article on "United Snakes", the marriage of snakes and livewire.
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A multiresolution, non-intersecting deformable surface model for 3D image segmentation/reconstruction. C&G 2001 Best Paper Award honorable mention.
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IEEE TMI journal article on topologically adaptable surfaces (T-surfaces). A 3D generalization of the T-snakes model below. Cited by the Medical Informatics Association among The Best of Medical Informatics, 1999.
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MIA journal article presenting topologically adaptable snakes (T-snakes) for the analysis of medical images. A Lagrangian, active contour model that offers a superset of the benefits of Eulerian, level-set methods.
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ICCV'95 version of the paper: Reference | .ps.gz

IEEE TMI paper on fast, interactive serial segmentation of EM neuronal images using snakes, as well as reconstruction and volume visualization of 3D neuronal models.
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CMIG paper presenting a physics-based approach to anatomical surface segmentation, reconstruction, and tracking in multidimensional medical images using a deformable balloon model.
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My earliest research in medical image analysis was done in 1979, prior to the existence of journals like MIA and IEEE TMI. This CGIP paper on the detection of osteogenesis imperfecta using automated texture analysis was published from that work.
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Demetri Terzopoulos