Type-Based Analysis and Applications

Jens Palsberg

Type-based analysis is an approach to static analysis of programs that has been studied for more than a decade. A type-based analysis assumes that the program type checks, and the analysis takes advantage of that. This website is a resource for researchers of type-based analysis. It contains links to papers in the area, including a short survey paper, and slides for a talk based on the survey paper. The survey paper examines the state of the art of type-based analysis, and it surveys some of the many software tools that use type-based analysis. Most of the surveyed tools use types as discriminators, while most of the theoretical studies use type and effect systems. Overall, type-based analysis is a promising approach to achieving both provable correctness and good performance with a reasonable effort.

Please send information about papers on type-based analysis that are missing from the list below to Jens Palsberg.

Papers on Type-Based Analysis