<H2><B>Directed Projects</B></H2>
1/11/00 Version

Directed Projects


The following material is both brief and initial in nature. More will be said about these possible directions in class during the Winter 2000 term.

1. Interactive Image Game

2. Computer Curriculum

3. Speech Text Interface

4. Transportation Status

5. Common Culture

Following the figure-titling class presentation key idea, here are second phrases for each.


Match each of the following phrases with the above project titles.

a. Assist Vision Disabled

b. Aesthetic Measure

c. Computer Mathematics

d. Web-Enabled Active Learning

e. Freeway Flow

f. Image Information

g. Key Concepts in History

h. Jitney Routes

i. Common Versus Private Data Distributed Computing

Students rarely are interested in working directly under faculty supervision. Likewise only on occasion do they want to begin a project where there is a real need, existing resources, or an individual who needs assistance. However both are good things to do. People taking that stance can consider a variety of areas.

General Comments

Medical Information

Mathematical Fundamentals

Visual Data

Java Applications

Global Issues

Worthy Causes

Distributed Computing

Following the above pointers leads to diverse materials. Some pointers lead to descriptions of several possible projects. Most lead to universal resource locators related to projects, many on readings to provoke thinking about the issues involved. General comments leads to a description of the file contents found from following the other seven pointers.