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Miryung Kim

Full Professor
University of California, Los Angeles
Computer Science Department
Engineering VI, Room 474
Los Angeles, CA 90095
TEL: 310-825-2858
FAX: 310-794-5057

Administrative Support:
Ms. Edna Todd
TEL: 310-825-1322

News 2021

Our paper on Fuzz Testing of Heterogeneous Computing Applications is accepted to ESEC/FSE 2021.
I received an ICSE 2021 Distinguished Reviewer Award. I am honored to be one of many distinguished reviewers who volunteer their time for peer reviews to strengthen our SE community.
Congratulations to my former PhD student Na Meng for her promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure.
My former PhD student Tianyi Zhang is joining Purdue University as a tenure track faculty member in 2021. Congratulations, Tianyi! (News)
Our team received NSF grant on Fuzz Testing for Data and Compute Intensive Systems (with Qian Zhang and Muhammad Gulzar).  
Our team received NSF grant on
Redesigning Data Plane for Memory-Disaggregated Datacenters (with Harry Xu and Khanh Nguyen).
I gave a Distinguished Lecture at UIUC Department of Computer Science in March 2021. (News)
Our paper on Dorylus Scalable Graphical Neural Net Training is accepted to OSDI 2021. Congratulations John and Yifan! 
I gave a Distinguished Lecture at University of Minnesota Cray Colloquium in January 2021. (News)

News 2020

Our team received an NSF grant on Code Demography: Addressing Information Needs at Scale for API Users and Designers.  
Our paper on RefFinder received the Most Influential Paper Award from ICSME 2020 ---a 10 year retrospective award based on the research impact and citations. (News)
Our paper on influence-function based debugging of big data analytics with dynamic taint analysis is accepted to SoCC 2020. 
Our paper on fuzz testing of big data analytics is accepted to ASE 2020.
Our UCLA team is demonstrating JDebloat as a part of ONR Software Security Summer School. (News)
I am giving an ICSE 2020 Technical Briefing Talk about Software Engineering for Data Analytics.
My former PhD student Muhammad Ali Gulzar is joining Virginia Tech as a tenure track faculty member in Fall 2020, Congratulations, Gulzar!
Our paper on testing deep neural networks and investigation of test criteria is accepted to ESEC/FSE 2020.
Our paper on debloating modern Java applications is accepted to ESEC/FSE 2020.
Our paper on refactoring for heterogeneous computing with FPGA is accepted to ICSE 2020.
Our study on data driven-API design is accepted to CHI 2020.
Our paper on attacks and defenses of self-driving vehicles is accepted to PerCom 2020.
Our paper on composite refactoring is accepted to MSR 2020.

News 2019

My paper on software engineering for data analytics is accepted to Special Issue on AI in IEEE Software. This article is based my ASE 2019 Keynote. (News)
I am a Program Co-Chair of ESEC/FSE 2022, ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering.
I am giving a Keynote Talk at ASE 2019, 34th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering. (News)
Our paper about performance debugging of big data analytics is accepted to SoCC 2019.
I am awarded an Experienced Humboldt Research Fellow from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
Our paper about native computation of big data analytics is accepted to SOSP 2019.
Our paper about software development challenges about deep learning is accepted to ISSRE 2019.
Our paper about symbolic-execution based testing of big data analytics is accepted to ESEC/FSE 2019. We released our symbolic execution engine for Scala/Apache Spark
I am promoted to a Full Professor in the Computer Science Department at UCLA, effective July 2019.
Congratulations on my former PhD students, Prof. Baishakhi Ray and Prof. Na Meng for receiving NSF CAREER awards.
Congratulations on Dr. Tianyi Zhang for a successful PhD defense.

News 2018

Our paper about common adaptation patterns of online code examples was accepted to ICSE 2019.
Our paper about interactive code search via active learning was accepted to ICSE 2019.
We released a command-line API misuse detector based on common API usage patterns mined from 380K Java projects in GitHub. The tool is now available on the ExampleCheck website.
I gave a keynote talk on "New Frontiers of Mining Software Repositories-- -Usability and Information Delivery" at the Workshop on Automated Specification Inference.
I gave an invited talk at the Vision Forum in Santa Clara, "Data Science elevating Software Engineering and Software Engineering elevating Data Science.".
I am the Program Co-Chair of ICSME 2019--the 35th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution. (News)
I am organizing Dagstuhl on "SE4ML - Software Engineering for AI-ML-based Systems" with Kersting, Van den Broeck, and Zimmermann.
Our team received an NSF Medium grant on Automated and Interactive Debugging for Big Data Analytics. I am leading this project as a PI with a co-PI, Tyson Condie.
My student Muhammad Gulzar won a Gold Medal at ACM Student Research Competition at ICSE 2018.
I received Doc Stevenson Award for Outstanding Faculty in Residence in 2018. (News)
I gave a Distinguished Lecture at the Institute for Software Research at UC Irvine. Here's a video link to my talk. Here is a link to my slides.

News 2017

Our paper on API usage mining in GitHub and a study of API misuse in Stack Overflow was accepted to ICSE 2018.
Our paper on visualizing code examples at scale was accepted to CHI 2018.
Our team received a 4.9 M grant from Office of Naval Research on Synergistic Software Customization: Framework, Algorithms, Tools. I am leading the project as a PI with co-PIs Jens Palsberg and Harry Xu.
I and my PhD student Gulzar co-presented automated debugging of big data analytics at 2018 Spark Conference in San Francisco.
We had a UCLA and UCIrvine ONR project kickoff meeting. (News)
We conducted the largest scale study of data scientists in software teams. This study is accepted to TSE.
I presented our study of data scientists at 2018 Strata Conference in San Jose.
My research and Mommy CS camp was featured on the PC Magazine and DailyBruin. (News)
Our work on big data analytics debugging was invited for a talk at the Facebook Software Engineering workshop in London. 
Our paper on automated debugging for Apache Spark is accepted to SoCC 2017.
Our paper on refactoring error detection is accepted to TSE.
Our team received a 1.7M grant from National Science Foundation and Intel on "A Multi-Paradigm Programming Infrastructure for Heterogeneous Architectures" (Cong and Kim at UCLA and Sampson and Zhang at Cornell).
I received a Faculty in Residence Faculty-of-The-Year Award in 2017. (News)
My student Tianyi Zhang received Google Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award given by UCLA CS department.
My student Muhammad Gulzar received Google PhD Fellowship.

News 2016

Our paper on automated clone transplantation and differential testing is accepted to ICSE 2017.
I am a Program Board Member for ICSE 2017 and ICSE 2018.
I am an Associate Editor of TSE, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. TSE is No 1. Journal in Software Engineering.

News 2015

Our paper on the interactive debugging primitives for Apache Spark is accepted to ICSE 2016.
Our paper on the study of data scientists at Microsoft is accepted to ICSE 2016.
I received an Okawa Foundation Research Grant Award in 2015. (News)
My PhD graduate, Baishakhi Ray (UT Austin PhD 2013), is joining University of Virginia, CS as an assistant professor.
My PhD graduate, Na Meng (UT Austin PhD 2014, co-advised by Kathryn McKinley), is joining Virginia Tech, CS as an assistant professor.
My postdoc, Myoungkyu Song (Virginia Tech PhD 2013), is joining University of Nebraska, Omaha as an assistant professor.
Our collaborative NSF grant on interactive specifications is awarded.

News 2014

I am a General Chair for MSR 2016--the 13th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories.  
I am an Associate Editor of Journal of Empirical Software Engineering (No 2. Journal in Software Engineering). 
Our paper on refactoring of systematic changes is accepted to ICSE 2015.
Our paper on interactive code review is accepted to ICSE 2015.
Our Air Force Research Laboratory grant is awarded.
I am creating a new graduate course on Data Science in Software Engineering.
I am a Program Board Member of ICSE 2016.
I accepted an Associate Professor position with tenure at UCLA.
I received a Google Faculty Research Award.

Prior to  2014

I am serving on the ICSE 2015 program committee.
Our collaborative NSF CPS grant is awarded.
I am serving on FSE 2014 and ICSE 2014 program committees. 
Our papers on example-based program transformation are accepted to ICSE 2013 and ICSE 2013 demo.
Please check out the demonstration video of our example-based program transformation tool, LASE Eclipse plug-in.
Our paper on cross-system porting is accepted to FSE 2012.
Our paper on the field study of refactoring benefits and challenges is accepted to FSE 2012.
Our paper on Repertoire is accepted to FSE 2012 formal demonstration track and the tool is available now. 
I am serving on OOPSLA/SPLASH 2012 program committee.
Our paper on Vdiff is accepted to Journal of Automated Software Engineering.
Our paper on change rule inference is accepted to TSE. 
I was invited to a panel at the CRA Career Mentoring Workshop in DC.
I received an NSF CAREER award.
NSF REU grant is awarded.
I am creating a new Software Engineering and Design Laboratory class, EE461L.
Our collaborative NSF CCF SHF grant is awarded.
I am visiting Microsoft Research, the RiSE (Research in Software Engineering) group.
I received 2011 Microsoft Software Engineering Innovation Foundation Award.
Our paper on edit script derivation is accepted to PLDI 2011.
Our empirical study on refactoring and bug fixes is accepted to ICSE 2011.
Our paper on modularity violation detection is accepted to ICSE 2011.
A code clone study paper is accepted to FASE 2011.
A Verilog program differencing algorithm has won ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award at ASE 2011.
NSF-SHF-EAGER grant is awarded.
Ref-Finder Eclipse plug-in is available now (See our FSE 2010 demo paper).
I received 2009 IBM Jazz Innovation Award.