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This site supports Computer Science courses. It updates Prior CS 190 and replaces Klinger Information. To send me email click here.

For ideas about CS 190 start with Project Definitions or look at Administrative information; the full current quarter document is Starting. Weekly and ten-week quarter CS 190 Educational Objectives describe the course in other terms. Samples of terse writing - the heart of creating titles, captions for figures, and headings for reports - (and optional work) are at Brevity and ten pointers at the end of Exercises.

About Files and Site is a detailed description of the varied CS 190 and CS 199 work done before Winter '98. Electronic and other addresses are at Klinger Contact Info.

The material here uses the world wide web (WWW) to disseminate in-progress and professional items. This is to enable cooperation, e.g., by comments on work. (CS 190 is to foster work with others.) Professional examples here include: Workshop Paper; this began as response to an email announcement. The first draft led to participation in a two-day meeting with Computer Scientists. This version reflects workshop activities, text/illustration revisions and addition of appendices/references. A major group product is the WWW-posted report from the National Academies, On Being a Scientist. This covers excitement of innovating, ethics, cooperation, and more.

A CS 190 project is a free-choice work item. The course is designed to stimulate students' innovation/initiative. Each term class time is spent on many activities, e.g., choosing activities, finding partners, communicating about one's work, intellectual property, starting a business, getting funding. Students' talks are on items of interest to them [starting points could be from articles, books or web pages.]

The CS 190 course activity involves selecting a job to work on, finding partners, developing a plan, executing tasks, and combining the work into a project report, items described in Administrative. All quarter enrolled students work with one another. They comment in writing on each others' drafts, and interact in class about the talks. Presentations are usually on work done or something new recently learned, organized, or illustrated. This activity simulates the way people work together in business. [Tips on talking appear in Technical Communication, Prepare, and Public Speaking.]

The Prior CS 190 site has three parts: college, K-12, and projects. Visuals there [and the three-category partition] come from students' CS 199 work.

CS 190 students can begin with College Material. It provides an overview, and leads to student-generated items from 199 courses. In progress material, most my creation, at Projects has a 199 student's viewpoint.

Several links above follow within the table below for quick access. Other pointers there that end in numbers are assignments for CS 190 W98. Lastly the team project report rating criteria, Rate Report, is at the lower right end of the table.

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