Kai-Wei Chang

  • Assistant Professor @ UCLA-CS
  • kw AT kwchang DOT net
  • UCLA Eng VI Rm 374
  • Natural Language Processing
    Machine Learning



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Apr 2020

Jan 2020

Dec 2019

  • Check out our ICLR paper on verifying Transformer. We also discuss how to identify words that are important to predictions.
  • Jieyu Zhao was invited to a panel discussion hosted by UN Woman on Increasing Women’s Participation in a Digital World.

Nov 2019

Oct 2019

  • We will give a tutorial on transferable representation learning at AAAI 2020
  • I’ll serve as an area chair for ICML 2020 and SPC for IJCAI.

Jul 2019

May 2019

Feb 2019

Dec 2018

  • I will be the area chair for NAACL 2019, AKBC 2019 and ACL 2019, AAAI 2020.

Oct 2018

  • I won the best reviewer award at EMNLP 2018

Sep 2018

  • Welcome Tao Meng and Kuan-Hao Huang to join my group!

Sep 2018

Jun 2018

  • I have been named a 2018 Okawa Foundation Research Grant recipient
  • Thank Taboola for providing a gift fund to support our research

Apr 2018

  • Rizwan’s paper on [modeling language with named entities] is accepted by ACL
  • Congrats Wasi Ahmad on his SIGIR paper and Muhao Chen on his IJCAI paper
  • Congrats Jieyu Zhao on winning the best poster award at SoCal NLP Symposium 2018
  • Check out our new NAACL paper on Gender Bias in Coreference Resolution
  • Check out our new NAACL paper on LearningWord Embeddings for Low-resource Languages by PU Learning

Jan 2018

  • I will give a tutorial on Quantifying and Reducing Gender Stereotypes in Word Embeddings at FAT 18
  • Check out our paper accepted by ICLR 2018
  • I give a tutorial at TAAI 17’

Jul 2017

  • Our paper on reducing gender bias won the best long paper award at EMNLP 17
  • Our paper on multi-sense embedding won the best paper award at Rep4NLP workshop at ACL 17.
  • I join the UCLA-CS. I’ve enjoyed every moment at UVa, where the department and my collaborators gave me enormous support to start my career. I’m excited about the next adventure and looking forward to collaborating with excellent folks in SoCal.

May 2017

  • Check out our workshop on Structured Prediction for NLP at EMNLP.
  • Check out our workshop on Deep Structured Prediction at ICML 2017

Mar 2017

  • My proposal, CRII: Learning Structured Prediction Models with Auxiliary Supervision has been funded by NSF
  • Congratulate Wasi Ahmad on being awarded the William L Ballard Jr. Fellowship for Spring of 2017.

Nov 2016

  • I will give an invited talk at NIPS 16 Workshop on Learning in High Dimensions with Structure and VW tutorial at Machine Learning System Workshop
  • Our paper is accepted by AAAI 17: Structured Prediction with Test-time Budget Constraints
  • Thanks all participants for a successful workshop. See you in the Second Workshop on Structured Prediction for NLP at EMNLP 2017 in Copenhagen!

Aug 2016

  • Our paper about debiasing word embeddings is reported by NPR and MIT Technology Review.
  • Two papers are accepted by NIPS! Credit assignment compiler for L2S; Debiasing word embeddings.
  • I join the Computer Science Department at University of Virginia as an Assistant Professor!
  • One paper is accepted by EMNLP: Learning from Explicit and Implicit Supervision Jointly For Algebra Word Problems

Feb 2016

  • Checkout our tutorial on Structured Prediction at AAAI16.

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  • Area Chair: NAACL 18, 19, EMNLP 19, 20, ACL 19, 20, AAAI 20.
  • Senior PC: AAAI 18, AAAI 19, ICML 20, IJCAI 20.
  • Reviwer: NAACL/ACL/EMNLP/CoNLL (since 2013); EMNLP 2018 Best Reviewer. AAAI/ICML/NeurIPS (since 2013).
  • JAIR Editorial Board
  • Handbook Chair, EMNLP 18
  • Orgainzer: Workshop on Deep Structured Prediction, ICML 17
  • Orgainzer: Workshop on Structured Prediction for NLP, EMNLP 16, 17