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Miryung Kim

Full Professor
University of California, Los Angeles
Computer Science Department
Engineering VI, Room 474
Los Angeles, CA 90095
TEL: 310-825-2858
FAX: 310-794-5057

Administrative Support:
Ms. Edna Todd
TEL: 310-825-1322

Research Interests

My research focuses on software engineering. I am a Director of Software Engineering and Analysis Laboratory at UCLA. My research focuses on software engineering support for big data analytics and understanding how data scientists work in software development. 


Research: I am an expert on software evolution, and I am known for my research on code clones--code duplication detection, management, and removal solutions. I have taken a leadership role in creating and defining the emerging area of Software Engineering for Data Analytics (SE4DA and SE4ML). I have conducted the largest scale study of data scientists in industry and developed automated testing and debugging for Apache Spark, a widely-used big data system. Several companies tech-transferred my research on code clones and big data analytics debugging.

Advising: My former PhD students are professors at Columbia University (Bashakhi Ray), Virginia Tech (Na Meng), Virginia Tech (Muhammad Gulzar), and Purdue University (Tianyi Zhang). 

Services & Organization: I gave a Keynote Talk at ASE 2019. I am a Program Co-Chair of ESEC/FSE 2022, the 30th ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering. I gave Distinguished Lectures at UIUC, UMN, and UC Irvine. I am the co-organizer of a Dagstuhl Seminar on SE4ML---Software Engineering for AI-ML based Systems. I am a Program Co-Chair of ICSME 2019, the 35th IEEE International Conference on Software Evolution and Maintenance. I am an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. I served as an Academic Senate legislative assembly representative at UCLA. 

Funding: My research is supported by grants from National Science Foundation, Air Force Research Laboratory, Office of Naval Research, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Okawa Foundation, and Samsung.

History: I ranked No. 1 among all engineering and science students in KAIST in 2001 and received the Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology Award, the highest honor given to an undergraduate student in Korea in 2001.


Miryung Kim is a Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Los Angeles. She received her B.S. in Computer Science from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in 2001 and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington under the supervision of Dr. David Notkin in 2003 and 2008 respectively. She received an NSF CAREER award in 2011, a Microsoft Software Engineering Innovation Foundation Award in 2011, an IBM Jazz Innovation Award in 2009, a Google Faculty Research Award in 2014, and an Okawa Foundation Research Grant Award in 2015. She is a winner of an ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award, and 10 Year Most Influence Paper Award from ICSME 2020. Between January 2009 and August 2014, she was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. She joined UCLA as an Associate Professor with Tenure in 2014, and she was promoted to Full Professor in 2019. She is a Humboldt Foundation Fellow from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. She also spent time as a visiting researcher at the Research in Software Engineering (RiSE) group at Microsoft Research during the summer of 2011 and 2014. As a side activity, I am passionate about improving diversity in computing and have created Mommy Computer Science Camp, which is designed to teach the basic concepts of Computer Science to 4 to 6 year old children using hands-on activities without using computers. Its story was featured in PC Magazine.

News (more here)

Congratulations on our OptDebug paper at SoCC 2021.
Congratulations on our Qdiff paper at ASE 2021.
Congratulations on our HeteroFuzz paper at FSE 2021.
Congratulations on our Dorylus paper at OSDI 2021.
My former PhD student Tianyi Zhang is joining Purdue University as a tenure track faculty member in Fall 2021. Congratulations, Tianyi. (News)
Our team received an NSF grant on Fuzz Testing of Data and Compute Intensive Systems (with Gulzar).
Our team received an NSF grant on Redesign of Data Plane for Memory-Disaggregated Datacenters (with Harry Xu and Khanh Nguyen).
I gave a Distinguished Lecture at UIUC Department of Computer Science in March 2021. (News)
I gave a Distinguished Lecture at University of Minnesota Cray Colloquium in January 2021. (News)
Our paper on RefFinder received the Most Influential Paper Award from ICSME 2020 based on the research impact and citations. (News)
Our UCLA team is demonstrating JDebloat as a part of ONR Software Security Summer School. (News)
My former PhD student Muhammad Ali Gulzar is joining Virginia Tech as a tenure track faculty member in Fall 2020, Congratulations, Gulzar!
I am a Program Co-Chair of ESEC/FSE 2022, ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering.
I am giving a Keynote Talk at ASE 2019, 34th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering. (News)
I am awarded an Humboldt Research Fellow from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
I am promoted to a Full Professor in the Computer Science Department at UCLA, effective July 2019.
Congratulations on my former PhD students, Prof. Baishakhi Ray and Prof. Na Meng for receiving NSF CAREER awards.
I gave a keynote talk on "New Frontiers of Mining Software Repositories-- -Usability and Information Delivery."
I am organizing Dagstuhl on "SE4ML - Software Engineering for AI-ML-based Systems" with Kersting, Van den Broeck, and Zimmermann.
I received Doc Stevenson Award for Faculty in Residence in 2018. (News)
Our team received a 4.9 M grant from Office of Naval Research on Synergistic Software Customization: Framework, Algorithms, Tools. 
My student Muhammad Gulzar received Google PhD Fellowship.
I am an Associate Editor of TSE, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.  am a General Chair for MSR 2016--the 13th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories.