Robustness Verification for Transformers

Zhouxing Shi, Huan Zhang, Kai-Wei Chang, Minlie Huang, and Cho-Jui Hsieh, in ICLR, 2020.

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Robustness verification that aims to formally certify the prediction behavior of neural networks has become an important tool for understanding the behavior of a given model and for obtaining safety guarantees. However, previous methods are usually limited to relatively simple neural networks. In this paper, we consider the robustness verification problem for Transformers. Transformers have complex self-attention layers that pose many challenges for verification, including cross-nonlinearity and cross-position dependency, which have not been discussed in previous work. We resolve these challenges and develop the first verification algorithm for Transformers. The certified robustness bounds computed by our method are significantly tighter than those by naive Interval Bound Propagation. These bounds also shed light on interpreting Transformers as they consistently reflect the importance of words in sentiment analysis.

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