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    I'm Patricia

    I am a CS PhD candidate at UCLA CS department, enrolled at 2018 Fall quarter, advised by Prof. Yizhou Sun. Coadvised by Prof. Mason A. Porter.

    To learn more about me, go visit my previous profile at WIX. There you could find my past experiences as a MS & BS student.

  • I am
    a CS PhD Student
    an Artist

    My goal is to become a good data science researcher.

    Refer to my WIX gallery for details on my art works in 2013.

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About Me

Who Am I?

I am Zhiping Xiao (肖之屏), go by Patricia. I joined the ScAi (Scalable Analytics Institute) Lab in fall, 2018, advised by Associate Prof. Yizhou Sun. Coadvised by Prof. Mason A. Porter

Previously, I had experience working on Visualization and Human-Computer-Interaction (+Education).

My current interest lies in data mining and machine learning, especially those topics involving heterogeneous information network.

My UCLA CS account ID is patricia.xiao. Ways to find me include:

Find me on Github. Most repositories are public.

Befriend with me on Facebook.

Connect with me on Linkedin.

Call me, text me, email me, catch me in lab.

For detailed information on my past
simply visit my old portfolio!

My History
Ongoing Projects
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My Publications

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Year 2018~2019 at UCLA

Machine Learning + Data Mining

Year 2017~2018 at UC Berkeley

Human Computer Interaction + Education

My Projects

Most Recent Projects

Polarity Embedding Project
March, 2019 | Text Mining | 4

Word Polarity Embedding

First stage exploration report: CS263 course project

Educational AI
October, 2019 | A platform | many

Educational AI

Dynamic Graph
March, 2019 | Text Mining | 4

Dynamic Graph

My Relational Network Project
Dec 04, 2018 | Graph Mining | 7

Twitter Ideology Prediction

GCN Report and MTL Report.

TIMME: Twitter Ideology-detection via Multi-task Multi-relational Embedding

In proceedings of KDD'20 Applied Data Science Track.

Educational AI
June, 2017 | Recommendation System | team of 6

Dynamic Social Recommendation

Project led by Weiping Song from PKU.

Our work published at WSDM'19.

Still on-going

2018 Fall Quarter | Machine Learning | team of 3

CS 260 Machine Learning Algorithms

The course project. Closed. Course Report Slides Click Here, and Course Report Click Here.

2018 Fall Quarter | Data Mining | team of 4

CS 145 Introduction to Data Mining

The course project. Closed.

Project Code and Reports.

2016 Fall ~ 2018 Spring | HCI+EDU | team of 1

AutoQuiz: an online, adaptive, test practice system

The master project. Started the project, and passed it on to others in the lab.

Published as SIGCSE'18 Poster and Master Thesis. Archived as UC Berkeley's Technical Report.

Steven Hewitt carried it on (report available here).

From where I received my degrees?


Since Sep 24, 2018. Currently enrolled in this program, still a few years to go.

The program has certain requirements.


I graduated from the Master of Science program in University of California, Berkeley.

Degree awarded on May 11, 2018.

There my focus was on HCI (human-computer interaction) + Edu (education), and reached out to use deep learning models.

I received my BS degree from Peking University at 2016 summer, graduated in July. The fields of research I participated in as a undergrad includes:

  • Computer networking
  • Visualization

Intern Experience

Research Assistant Jul 2014 ~ Oct 2015

at EECS, Peking University, advised by Associate Prof. Kaigui Bian

  • Applied a special math sequence to the channel-hopping model so as to enhance its behavior
  • Design & implemented an Android application Zuile, an anonymous, location-based social network App
  • Designed the user interface and implemented the front-end of several Apps
What courses did I take for proposal of fields (mostly in UCLA)?

Here are my choices:

INFO C260F: Machine Learning in Education

Most materials are available on bCourses, taken in UCB, applied towards the major (AI) field in UCLA.

2017 Fall Semester (A+)

Instructor: Prof. Zachary Pardos

Course project end-up being a poster in SIGCSE'18, AutoQuiz.

The Syllabus and Topics

CS 145: Introduction to Data Mining

Most materials are available on course website.

2018 Fall Quarter (A)

Instructor: Prof. Yizhou Sun


CS145 cheatsheet (final exam)

CS 260: Machine Learning Algorithms

Mostly uses CCLE and Piazza.

2018 Fall Quarter (A)

Instructor: Prof. Quanquan Gu

project report

CS260 cheatsheet

CS 249: Special Topics - Probablistic Graphical Models for Structured Data

Most materials are available on course website.

2019 Winter Quarter (A)

Instructor: Prof. Yizhou Sun

project report

ECE 236B: Convex Optimization

No piazza, only course website.

2019 Winter Quarter (A-)

Instructor: Prof. Lieven Vandenberghe

course notes

ECE 236C: Optimization Methods for Large-Scale Systems

No piazza, only course website.

2019 Spring Quarter (A)

Instructor: Prof. Lieven Vandenberghe

course project

CS 269: Optimization Methods for Deep Learning

Mostly uses CCLE and Course Website.

2019 Spring Quarter (A)

Instructor: Prof. Chih-Jen Lin

Course projects report 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

CS 263: Natural Language Processing

Uses CCLE and Piazza.

2020 Spring Quarter (A+)

Instructor: Prof. Kai-Wei Chang

Course project: code and report

CS 267A: Probabilistic Programming and Relational Learning

Uses CCLE only. (course description)

2020 Spring Quarter (A)

Instructor: Prof. Guy Van den Broeck

Course project: report

CS 264A: Automated Reasoning

Uses CCLE only. (video record)

2020 Fall Quarter (A)

Instructor: Prof. Adnan Darwiche

Review Note: midterm, final notes.

and by the way

I've been TA for the following courses:

In UC Berkeley: